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New Bars at Sheetz

We love to find quick snacks, especially in convenience stores like Sheetz.  With the big travel holidays coming up, you can always find a Sheetz (or other quick stops) nearby.  While places like Sheetz have lots of snacks and meals for regular eaters, we can struggle at times finding gluten-free, Celiac friendly snacks.  One thing you can find ample of, though, are a wide variety of snack bars (prior Sheetz posts here).

We recently found a new line of bars, Orchard Bars (http://orchardbar.com/).  These bars come in three unique flavors of blueberry pomegranate and almond, pineapple coconut and macadamia, and strawberry, raspberry and walnut.  If you have issues with nuts as well as gluten, then you obviously want to avoid these bars.  From the website:

NEW from Washington State’s orchard country, our all-natural Orchard Bars are loaded with real fruit, heart-healthy nuts, nutritious seeds, and protein-rich soy nuggets. No date paste filler, no peanuts, no strange substances from the lab. Just all-natural energy from fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Sounds pretty good.  Glad to find another possibility when travelling, or just tooling around Raleigh.

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