Glutino English Muffins

english muffins

Bring On the Mini Pizzas!

One thing, as Celiacs, my wife and girls miss are English Muffins.  Those light, airy nooks and crannies sure do hide the butter well, plus you can make some pretty good mini-pizzas with them.  Most of the gf varieties we have tried so far could subsitute for a rock or paperweight for their density.  While at Harris Teeter recently, we decided to try glutino’s English Muffins.

While not as dense as others, they still do not quite replicate the regular gluten English Muffins.  These also more resemble a biscuit, as they are about an inch and a half tall.  We decided to make mini-pizzas with these, and they actually did turn out pretty well.  Not gummy, and they did get toasty.  The girls liked them, so we will definitely pick them up again.

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