Target Gluten Free Crackers


Simply Balanced and Simply Gluten Free

Along with the pasta we reviewed recently (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=3116), Target’s Simply Balanced brand now makes gluten free crackers. Similar to the rice thins we bought from other brands, a pretty good snack cracker.  We like to slice some cheese for snacks with these.  If feeling especially creative, we’ll melt the cheese on them in the microwave.  Quick and easy snacks!

Great to see Target really getting into the GF market, as their chief competitor, Wal*Mart has been doing a really good job stocking gf brand products.  Not their own brand (yet!), but Wal*Mart does carry a large line of products.  Maybe we will see more from Target and Wal*Mart, along with the other stores like Kroger, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter.

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