Thanksgiving Is Here!

So any of you last minute shoppers need some help with finding gluten-free items?  I ran across an interesting article in the San Francisco Gate Newspaper (click here).   The author discusses how Thanksgiving can be tough with Celiac Disease:

Stuffing, rolls, pies and other tempting dishes can make Thanksgiving one of the toughest holidays to navigate for people with celiac disease

While I definitely agree it makes things a tad more inconvenient, I think the past few years really have gotten easy.  Many turkeys come gluten free.  You can get gluten free stuffing, dinner rolls, and desserts.  Yes, maybe some more time planning, but not too difficult.    I am definitely thankful for the expanded products we have seen come to the stores in the past year.  Hope this will continue and expand further.

Have a safe, restful, and easily digested Thanksgiving!


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