Harris Teeter GF Muffins

Harris Teeter Muffins


Sometimes you find gluten free items when you do not expect to, and they fill a void you faced.  Two unrelated events happened last Friday night.  We needed to go out to pick up something quick for a bonfire the next night.  We also needed to pick up a breakfast item for my daughter who had a sleepover the next night as well.  My wife looked through the baked goods, thinking of picking up something pre-made for the bonfire.  She did not find anything, but she did find a pack of blueberry gluten free mini muffins.  They were on a table with regular and sugar free muffins in a variety of flavors.  What a pick up!  We planned to just send a bag of dry cereal with my daughter, but we were able to send a few muffins in a baggie instead.  Much more similar to the other girls, who would eat pancakes.  Pretty good tasting as well!!

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