Pillsbury Dough


Pizza a Doughboy Would Be Proud Of!

Need something quick for the holidays?  Family coming and need a meal idea?  Well, we finally found the pre-packaged gf pizza crust dough from Pillsbury recently at the Kroger on Falls of Neuse and Strickland.  Great idea, put some dough in a plastic tub that you can refrigerate and use whenever.  They also make cookie dough this way, but we have yet to find it.  The dough makes a thin crust pizza, which we made in the oven.  Not too bad either.  Not good as this homemade crust we made here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=3125, but a decent crust.  Nice to just have something quick we can have on hand and make when we need it.

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