A Good, GF Pretzel

Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels

A good tasting, gluten-free pretzel

If I myself discovered tomorrow I suffered from Celiac, pretzels would be the one thing I would miss. I love to just crunch and munch on pretzels, not dipping them much, just enjoying their natural flavor. Unfortunately for my girls, we had as of recently, not found a good brand. Recently, though, we tried the Glutino bag, and happy to see, one out of two of my girls love them.  We can actually purchase them at Wal*Mart, so that cuts down on the cost somewhat.  At $6.00+ a bag, this is an expensive snack, but a definite versatile snack.  We can put them in a snack mix with Rice Chex, we can dip them in cheese dip, and of course, they taste fine all by themselves. These pretzels taste like they contain some type of seasoning, and the crunch is there as well.  I don’t mind eating them myself sometimes, but try not to too often, due to that cost.

An all-in-all great find.  If only we could work on the cost a little, I would have no complaints.  Definitely is nice to find a snack that can be used in the car, or in school lunches, or at home.  We really hope to see more in the line of gf pretzels.

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