PopChips–Sweet Potato


Christmas PopChips!

You never expect to find gluten free snacks when scouring After Christmas sales, but that is exactly what happened to us while looking for Christmas bargains recently at Target.  We stopped to just check on wrapping paper, bows, and LIGHTS (call me Clark Griswold) a few days after Christmas.  Surprisingly, we found lots of things, including these PopChips Sweet Potato flavor.  We found regular PopChips (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=popchips) at BJs in the past.  Clearly labeled gluten-free, they serve as a decent school lunch/travel snack.  Definitely high on salt, but ‘popped,’ so I guess a little healthier than if they fried them.  So while going up and down the aisles at Target, we found Sweet Potato flavored PopChips.

While PopChips definitely make you continue to go into the bag for more, they DO contain a lot of salt.  We expected the Sweet Potato to contain a lot as well, but just from a non-scientific taste test, they do not appear to be overly salty.  They actually taste more cinnamony-sugary.  Two great things.  The chips themselves seem more airy as well.  Unfortunately, though, it appears these may only be available during the holidays.  We bought two bags on clearance, but we should’ve bought them all.  If you see them, though, check them out.  A good snack, and maybe even a little better than original variety.

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