Another Quest Over–GF Girl Scout Cookies

Yum! GF Girl Scout Cookies

With Celiac, we wait for a couple sacred cows, if you will, to come to the gluten free side of things.  We’ve finally found our gf donuts, although not yet at Dunkin Donuts.  The next was gluten free toaster pastries (Pop Tarts).  We found Glutino here.

So two out of the three GF trinity.  The third being Girl Scout cookies.  We never thought that would happen.  We heard, a year or two, they tested some in the Midwest, but nothing ever came of it.  Then this year, the rumors started.  Widely shared chocolate chip shortbread gf cookies.  True?  Sure enough April, on the RaleighCelKids Facebook page shared the truth and she was taking orders.  The great news?  We picked up our two bags (and three non-gf boxes for Dad) yesterday.  I had one daughter in the car, so we opened a bag and taste-tested.  They remind me a lot of Ian’s Cookie Buttons.  A dense, shortbread with chocolate chips.  Not too bad…but they definitely leave you wanting a tall glass of milk.  Hopefully they will see enough to ensure more next year.  Would be awesome to have two varieties next year.  For this year, see April on Facebook to order some yourself.

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