That’s It Bars


The Name Says It All!

A snack bar trend coming up! We just reviewed SMART Bars by Detour, next up, That’s It fruit bars.  You can find more about their 6 flavor all gluten free bars at http://www.thatsitfruit.com/.

From their website,

That’s It.TM bars grew from the idea that nature knows best. We agree. We believe that adding a bunch of extra stuff to natural fruit only takes away from the purity and balance that nature intended.

Ingredient lists have never been this simple and this clean until now. We use only natural, non-GMO fruit and nothing else.

A little different from your typical bar–these represent more a fruit bar, minus all the other things compared to breakfast bars.  Just fruit and no sugar added.  How can you go wrong with that!  A nice variety of six flavors as well.  Besides gluten free, they are also vegan and Kosher, so they can satisfy many criteria.

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