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More GF Bar Goodness

Concluding our mini bar review, we look at Oskri bars today.  We also found these at Sheetz.  For a ‘gas station,’ you can definitely find a wide variety of quick gf snacks at Sheetz.  Oskri (http://oskri.com/) represents another health-conscious company making organic snacks.

While we only found an assortment of bars at Sheetz from Oskri, by visiting their website, you can find a large line of products, all gluten free.  From dried fruit to nuts to syrups to granolas, you can find quite a lot of gluten free items.  Peach granola?  Yes, please!  Or their bagged snacks called Crunches, which contain nuts, dried fruits, and other flavors.

For bars, you can also find quite a variety.  At Sheetz we found coconut, apple, fig, and date bars.  A gluten free fig bar?  Yes!  Definitely more good quick snacks you can pick up at your local Sheetz.  A new Sheetz coming to North Raleigh, too!  Find it opening probably in February at the corner of Litchford and Old Wake Forest.

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