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We do not often think of thinks we put on our bodies (lotions, shampoos, lip gloss, etc) when checking for gluten free products.  We should though, as all these have the potential for carrying hidden gluten.  We have heard many stories of rashes and other symptoms in using gluten products.  Fortunately, more and more come gluten free.  One, in particular, is my girls favorite new product.  They actually want to use THEIR OWN MONEY to buy it.  How weird!

What is it?  EOS lip balm eggs.  EOS stands for evolution of smooth and you can find more here:  http://evolutionofsmooth.com/.  I call them lip balm eggs, as they look like one, open up, and allow the girls to spread the lip balm on.  Or maybe they remind me of a golden snitch (Harry Potter term).  Either way, they put these in the checkout lanes at stores (we found them at Target) and our girls always want more.  Interesting flavors, strawberry sorbet and honeysuckle among others, although you really should not be eating them!

They clearly come gluten free, so you can feel a little better about what you put on your lips!  They also sell gluten free hand and body lotions.  Keep gluten free!!!

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