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Annie’s Fruit Snacks….Finally GF

For so long we waited for Annie’s fruit snacks to come gluten free.  We did not understand how they could sell gluten free mac and cheese, but not fruit snacks.  Have no fear, though, you can now get all their fruit snacks gluten free.  Berry patch, Pink Lemonade, and other flavors now come gluten free.  Big news, as you can find these fruit snacks pretty much anywhere.  We found the new gf ones recently at Target.

Annie’s has done a nice job with their gluten free products.  When our oldest was first diagnosed years ago, we bought the original Annie’s mac and cheese, then the microwavable cups.  Love them.  Girls love them.  So nice and easy.  It appears, as well, that besides the fruit snacks and cookies, they will produce some gluten free dinners (think Hamburger Helper).  Find the whole gf list here: http://www.annies.com/products/special-diets/.

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