Whole Foods Bake Shop Confetti Cake


GF Confetti Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t like cake?  Especially already made, just buy, and bring home cake.  Well, we found it, and took it home, and enjoyed it.  Chocolate Confetti Cake.  Yeah, that sounds pretty good.  We found it on a whim recently at Whole Foods.  We honestly just stopped for some of the Bakehouse White bread that our girls like so much (and the Prairie Bread for the wife), and I just saw it in the cooler calling to me.  After that, I had no recourse but to buy it.

Like many other gf products, Whole Foods makes this at the dedicated gluten-free facility in Morrisville.  The Raleigh Cel Kids toured the facility a few years ago (part one of the tour here) and it was great to see a dedicated facility just churning out a variety of gluten free items.  Cupcakes, bread, tarts, and now even these quick grab cakes.  Not a huge cake in circumference, but definitely great to take to a small party, pick up something special for the family, or just because you want cake.  Inside you find some rich, chocolate cake and fudgish frosting.  Very yummy.  You also notice all the jimmies (sprinkles to you Southerners) on top too.  Definitely something to try out!

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