Mariana Yogurt Raisins

yogurt raisins

Yogurt Makes Everything Better!

We picked up some yogurt raisins recently at Harris Teeter.  We usually just do the regular, Sun Maid brand.  While those do not come with a gluten free label, the girls have eaten them with no problem.  We found Mariani’s Yogurt Raisins and they do show a gluten free label on the front (although my picture is a little blurry).  When you look on the back, however, you see a ‘product made on same equipment’ meaning they share the production line with wheat ingredients.  A little bit counter-intuitive there, and maybe even sketchy.  People are looking for the gluten free labels these days, so many may see the green gf label on the front, and then not consult the back ingredients list or the website (http://www.mariani.com/faq/#gluten).

We did go ahead and pick up these raisins.  Historically, our girls have not been ultra-sensitive to gluten, although we can definitely tell when they do get ‘glutened.’  Others may not be so lucky.  I think companies need to do a better job at not misleading the general public though.  Maybe put your gf label on the front with a big asterisk.  That may remind some to look on the back.  Regardless, though, if you wish to try these, they taste just like the Sun Maid brand.   Great little snacks.

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