GF Breton Crackers

breton crackers

GF Breton Crackers

Ok, just wow here.  I purposely waited until after April Fools’ Day, to make sure you all believed me on this one.  While I stopped at the Lowes’ Foods on 401 in Rolesville recently, I just cruised the cracker/cookie aisle looking for something for a party.  I saw the Breton Gluten Free crackers, but my brain did not process it right away.  Breton, of course, is the quintessential (haha, always wanted to use that word in the right context!) snack cracker that everyone buys for parties.  Surely, surely they could not produce a gluten free cracker.  I looked again, and sure enough, not just the plain, but also a Herb and Garlic flavor.  Needless to say, I picked up a box for us to try.  Took them home, and my wife shared my surprise.  We cracked open the box and discovered–wow, again–they tasted good!  Not at all thick or gritty like I expected, but just like a regular Breton cracker.  Surely they could not be gluten free, but looking at their ingredients and their website (http://www.darefoods.com/us_en/brand/Breton/1), they sure were gluten free.

Breton crackers are made in Canada by the Dare Foods company.  Because of that, the Canadian Celiac Association certifies them as gluten free.  Good enough for me.  If the Canadians give us hockey, I will trust them for gluten free crackers!  Interesting ingredients as well.  These crackers are made mainly with arrowroot and green lentil flours, along with corn starch, rice bran, and coconut oil.  I guess those give the light and airy texture.  Definitely will pick these up again!

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