Barbara’s Puffins Cereal


Barbara’s GF Cereals

Kroger is the bomb these days for finding gluten free products.  We love the Strickland/Falls of Neuse Location (Raleigh Cel-Kids Map).  I have not visited any other Kroger’s to see if they carry the same large number of gf products, but this one definitely is worth a trip.  In the healthy/organic section recently we found Barbara’s Puffins Honey Rice cereal with a large gluten free label.  Score!  We used to eat Barbara’s cereals PC (pre-Celiac) so to find one gluten free makes us happy.  I even snagged a few bowlfuls of this cereal!

Looking at their website (http://barbaras.com/faq/#faq-2523), they actually produce three gluten free cereals.  Whereas we only found the Honey Rice, you can also get Multigrain and Brown Rice Crisps.  You can tell they are aware of Celiac as well, as they list that their batches of these gf cereals contain 20ppm (parts per million) or less of gluten.  Something you do not see regularly from companies.  Good on Barbara’s for getting these gluten free cereals out to us!

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