Toufayan Wraps


Gluten Free Wrapps

What a surprising find.  Just happened to cruise the baked goods area of Food Lion recently, and saw piles of both of these Toufayan gluten free wraps.  I had to pick them up, as we love making wraps for dinners and lunches.  Toufayan makes a variety of gluten wraps and pita bread and more, but they also make these gluten free wraps. We definitely preferred the spinach over the regular, but I would buy either again.  The only trouble was they were pretty crumbly.  Regular wraps allow you to roll them and do not break apart.  These, as you roll them up, begin to flake.  Definitely due to the gluten free ingredients, but we are getting closer for these types of things.

I repeat I would buy these again.  The crumbling did get a little annoying, but you do not need wrap these.  You could make quesadillas out of them or any other number of things.

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