Year 2 At Camp Seafarer


Bread…Our Savior This Weekend!

Got back yesterday after a weekend with my daughter at Camp Seafarer for the YMCA Y Princesses Spring Outing.  This was the second year attending with my oldest daughter.  Next week, I get to go back down there with my youngest for her first year.  Even with the lack of sleep, we still had a great time!

When you go to camp, anything extra can be a challenge.  Celiac, definitely can be a challenge.  I reviewed our experience last year (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=2895), and while the menu stayed consistent, we could easily get through the weekend.  Of course, this year, we were not as well prepared.  We forgot blankets, bread, and cereal.  How did that happen?  We will be more prepared for next week!  Once we unpacked Friday, we went exploring.  Camp Seafarer is in Arapahoe, North Carolina.  The nearest town is New Bern, about 25 miles away.  We decided to chance it, looking closer.  We found a Food Lion, and thankfully they stocked gf frozen bread (we picked up Kinnikinnick), Cocoa Pebbles, and Glutino cookies.  We did bring Hebrew National hot dogs and Udi’s rolls.  This Food Lion actually stocked two gf pizzas we never saw before, and we will review in the future, but unfortunately, no access to ovens at camp.

So while we totally blew it in preparation for this trip, we felt pretty good knowing in a pinch, we can find things, even in the most remote of locations.  We will still prepare much better for next week though!

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