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Lots of GF Pizzas

When you travel with Celiacs, you definitely need to bring lots of your own products.  You never know if the area you travel to will have gluten free items, so you want to play it safe.  In a previous  post I mentioned I spent the past two weekends with each daughter at Camp Seafarer in Araphoe for Y Princesses.  Camp food does not usually lend itself to the Celiac lifestyle, so we planned a variety of similar products.

Sounds good, right?  If we would have brought those similar products on the first trip, anyway.  Yes, we forgot.  Forgot the bread.  Forgot the pizza.  What to do?  If you’ve ever been to the Arapahoe/Oriental area of North Carolina, you know it is pretty rural.  New Bern, about 30 minutes away, probably would stock products, but we really did not want to spend another hour in the car.  We decided to check out the Food Lion, not expecting much.  Boy, were we wrong!

We found a variety of gluten free pizzas and a couple types of gluten free breads.  Score!  One of the things we found, Bold Organics pizza (http://bold-organics.com/), was something we never saw before.  When we returned home, I checked out that company more, and it turns out, they make a few different gluten-free pizzas, some even dairy free for those also with lactose issues.  What a great find!

How things change!  I do not think 2-3 years ago we would have been as lucky.  My oldest would probably eat chips and gf bars all weekend.  Props to Food Lion for not just stocking gf in the ‘trendy, city’ areas, but all over our state.  Props to me as well for MAKING SURE I did a better job packing the next weekend with my other daughter!  No Food Lion runs needed!

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