Campfire Marshmellows

campfire marshmellows

Blueberry Marshmellows?

So with cookout season coming, we recently found these Campfire Mallow Bursts at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart.  I love how clearly Campfire labels their marshmellows as being gluten free.  We usually buy Kraft marshmellows, and they do not clearly label theirs.  They list all the ingredients, and we can infer no gluten was used in making them, but unlike these Campfire ones, we cannot be sure.

We found these blue raspberry flavored ones.  Quite a unique flavor.  Not sure how they would be in a s’more, but they would definitely bring a unique flavor!  Speaking of s’mores, we faced many situations lately needing gluten free s’mores.  Both my daughters participate in Y Princesses (a great program, Dads–check it out).  Of course, we do many camping trips.  How do we handle s’mores, as we always start a campfire?  Pretty easily.  We bring our own gluten free graham crackers (using these), and just cook our marshmellows, smush some Hershey’s chocolate, and eat.  Pretty good!

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