Marshmellow Peeps…All Year Long…


So many Peeps…

So on first glance, finding Peeps all year long, not just on holidays, may seem like a good thing.  Although I trend toward the direction of keeping them special for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  Regardless of my feelings, however, you can now find Peeps Minis all year long.  We found this display of them recently at the Triangle Town Center Target.  You can get 24 baby chicks in every resealable bag.  They come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate creme, strawberry creme, and sour watermelon.  Hmm…quite interesting flavors.

The good news?  Like all other Peeps, these Peeps Minis do come gluten free.  So if interested in these flavors, you can pick them up pretty much everywhere right now.  As for me, I’ll wait for Halloween!!

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