Wal*Mart GF Pretzels


Gluten Free Pretzels at Wal*Mart

Wow!  Wal*Mart really wants a piece of the gluten free buying cake.  We noticed some new products recently, then on a trip to the Wal*Mart behind Triangle Town Center this weekend, we found a BUNCH of new products.  One, gluten free pretzels, you can see in the image.  You can also see the price.  Definitely a big difference between these and the Glutino Pretzels, which we love.

These pretzels come under the Great Value brand of Wal*Mart.  We picked up a bag, and they pretty much taste the same as the Glutino.  We really like GF pretzels, with a good taste and decent crunch.  We love seeing some cheaper competition, and we will share a bunch more new Wal*Mart products soon.  Definitely take a look at the GF section next time you see a Wal*Mart.

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