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Who Doesn’t Like Quick Snack Mixes?

You gotta love quick snacks and lunchbox fillers.  Well, we sure do!  We found another good one on a recent trip to Target.  Annie’s has been a gluten free staple for years with their mac and cheese, cookies, and other things.  Now, we found snack kits.  Inside each kit, you’ll find a gf trail mix, granola bar, fruit bites, and bunny cookies.  Probably not something you’ll pick up for lunch everyday, but I can definitely see buying these for school field trips, beach trips, vacations, car rides, and overnights at grandparents and sleepovers.  Another good option for variety.  We love their cookies and fruit snacks.  You can’t go wrong with a granola bar.  And trail mix.  All yum!

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