A Good Hamburger and Fries…

Red Robin and their gluten-free menu

Red Robin and their gluten-free menu

We went to Red Robin in Wake Forest today.  This was not the first trip, but the first since both our girls were diagnosed with Celiac.  On a previous visit, we just brought food for our oldest.  Since then, we discovered that Red Robin provides an ample gluten-free menu, including their ‘bottomless fries,’ sans seasoning of course.  Also, on their website (http://www.redrobin.com/food/allergens.aspx), they provide an extensive gluten-free menu, including their burgers, salads, beverages, and more.  What we like about the menu is that is lists a menu item, and what you will need to remove for it to qualify as gluten-free.  For instance, they show the Mighty Caesar Salad, and list no croutons and blackened chicken, but show what you can subsitute (grilled chicken and salmon).

Of course, like many restaurants and food items, on the front of the .pdf menu, it clearly states they cannot guarantee your food will not come in contact with allergens, which is becoming more and more standard.

However, our visit, early for lunch; around 11:30, showed how knowledgable their entire staff was about Celiac and the need for total gluten-free dining.  When we arrived, we asked the waitress for the gf menu.  She went to print it out for us and let us keep the copy.  After that, as we sat near the kitchen area, we heard a few employees state ‘allergy order,’ obviously to alert all to pay close attention to this order.  Our girls then received their large bucket o’ bottomless fries each and a plain hamburger patty.  With our youngest a ketchup junky, we were pleased to see Heinz ketchup as a choice.  When another employee brought out more fries, he made sure to alert us they were ‘seasoned’ fries and not ones for the girls.  Just some little things that made us definitely want to return to Red Robin again.  For those with older children, you can definitely find more options for your children, but, like ours, they will certainly enjoy the fries!

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  1. By Mary, June 22, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

    Glad to hear they were all knowledgable. I have been to some restaurants here in Raleigh, that will remain nameless, that say they are gluten free, or can provide gluten free items, but no one knows what gluten free and celiac are when I visit. I think these chains, like Red Robin, will do a better job. We do have some other good local places, so I look forward to reading your reviews.

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