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Can Celiacs Enjoy Disney?

So we’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World in November.  We really cannot wait, as our two daughters, aged 5 and 3, are probably at perfect ages.  They live, eat, and sleep Disney Princesses.  We will use a travel agency, Small World Vacations, since we never went before and wanted as little pressure in finding a hotel, meal plan, etc.  Obviously, we want to use the meal plan, but we were initially concerned about what type of options we would face with the gluten-free need.  As summer ramps up, this poses a challenge every time any Celiac visits an amusement park, historic point of interest, or just travels on the road or by air.

Thankfully, as we began looking at various websites, it looks like this will not be the problem we initially feared.  One of the best sites, All Ears.Net (link below) actually posts many users experiences for gluten-free meal plans.  It seems the chefs will even contact us before arriving to review things:

We received an email containing restaurants that could accommodate us, the GF products carried in Disney World, and a generic food allergy form to be filled out. We were very skeptical about the generic form but we included all of our table service reservation numbers and also sent in the quick service locations we planned on visiting. From there our journey began. We were contacted directly by the chefs and sous chefs of the restaurants we planned on visiting.

Great news!  You can find many other guests’ experience on this blog and much more information.  Definitely a great relief!  I also stumbled across Orlando Gluten Free.  While we will probably stay on the resort’s land the entire trip, many may want to get out.  Orlando Gluten Free lists some resources for gluten free options at Disney and in Orlando proper.  You can find some great places to pick up gluten free products, something helpful so you will not need to pack as many items.  Of course, it always helps to go right to the source, and you can do that from Disney’s link below.  Apparently, when travelling, Disney World is the gold standard for gluten free dining, so they obviously ‘get it.’

This all definitely makes planning our trip a breeze.  We will obviously still take gf snacks, but it will be comforting to know we will not need to load down our backpacks full of gluten free food.  We can enjoy the Princess Breakfast and other Disney restaurants with no worries.  Thank you Disney!  We will definitely post updates during our trip!

Some great resources for eating gluten free at the Big Mouse include:




photo used under Creative Commons’ license by flickr user cdharrison

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