Bring Out the Hellmans' and Bring Out the Gluten Free...

When we say pass the mayo, we usually mean just one brand–Hellmanns.  While other brands exist, Hellmans is mayo.  Everything else is secondary, or Miracle Whip!  We’ll review both, but first, let’s share that all Hellmann’s Mayonnaise products are gluten free: http://www.hellmanns.com/faqs.aspx.  Ok, ok…I know other mayos are out there.  Being in the South, I better take a quick look at Duke’s–a tomato sandwich on marshmellow bread is not a sandwich without Duke’s.

So, in looking at Duke’s, they state that while the ingredients do not contain gluten, they make Duke’s mayo in a facility where cross-contamination is possible.  So avoid that one.  (http://www.dukesmayo.com/ask.asp).

Let’s move on to Kraft.  Yes, I will concede many people buy Kraft mayo as well.  Grudgingly…  Anyway, Kraft does put together a helpful website for Celiacs.  They state that if the product contains a gluten ingredient, it will be labeled.  Kraft’s Mayo does not list anything, so we can assume it is gluten free.

Finally, rounding out the products, let’s take a look at Miracle Whip, the cousin of mayonnaise.  Kraft also makes Miracle Whip, so the above procedure applies.  If a gluten ingredient exists, they will list it.  None of the gluten ingredients are listed, so Miracle Whip can be added to your Celiac’s sandwich!

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