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Good ‘N Natural at Sheetz

breakfast bar

Another Bar at Sheetz

While looking for another gluten free bar at Sheetz, we found these Good ‘n natural cranberry almond bars.  They clearly show gluten free on the label, and their website (http://www.goodnnaturalbar.com/) shows a variety of flavors.  They actually talk about the founding of their company out of their kitchen for athletes and others who wanted a wholesome bar.  By their webpage, it looks like you can find them elsewhere as well–Harris Teeter, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Kroger just to name a few.  A decent bar when needed a good snack!

Sheetz Yogurt

Sheetz Yogurt

Sheetz Yogurt--Gluten Free!

We possess the discount/loyalty card for Sheetz which gets us $0.03 off a gallon of gas on every fill up.  Sheetz also gives something away monthly to cardholders.  One month it may be a candy bar, then a brick of coffee, and a soda.  Recently the monthly giveaway was their yogurt.  It comes in many flavors including vanilla and peach, but the best thing is they clearly mark it as gluten free.

You can find many Sheetz in the Triangle, and also up I-95 going Northbound, all throughout Virginia and Pennsylvania as well.  So if you travel North by car, you can definitely find some things for a Celiac in Sheetz.  They might even be free!

GF Chips at Sheetz

Snyder's Chips

More Healthy GF Certified Chips

So I needed to grab something quick the other day.  I am out working on a major summer tech project and needed some sustenance.  I went to Sheetz to pick up a soda and a snack.  I did not want regular chips, but felt I would get them for their convenience.   Low and behold, I found the Snyder’s natural veggie crisps.  Not necessarily healthy, but more healthy than Doritoes or Potato Chips.  And I noticed the certified GF label RIGHT ON FRONT!  Score!

Like the Veggie Straws from BJs (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=1390), Snyder’s natural crisps are LOW in salt, but still a yummy snack.  And more things found in Sheetz means more options when traveling!

Fruit Trays at Sheetz


The Sheetz Snack!

Ah, holiday travel.  Lots of time spent in the car.  Cold, snowy trips meaning dirty cars.  And nowhere to stop for snacks for our Celiac girls.  If you read the blog posts regularly, you know we like to stop at a variety of Chick-Fil-As when we travel, but sometimes you just do not want fried foods.  Sometimes you want some plain fruit or cheese.

Luckily we found a great pre-packaged fruit tray at the Sheetz in Winchester, Virginia recently.  You can find these at pretty much any Sheetz, even ours here in Raleigh.  As you can see, the Mickey Mouse shaped tray definitely makes eating cheese, grapes, and apple slices even more appealing.  They actually package quite a few apple slices, grapes, and cheese cubes in the tray, and it is all pretty fresh.  A great find at Sheetz, where they hopefully will begin to stock more gluten free options.

Gluten Free at Sheetz

Sheetz Yogurt

Sheetz Yogurt--Gluten Free!

How did we not yet review Sheetz?  Growing up in Pennsylvania, you could find a Sheetz convenience store on every corner.  Besides cheap gas, they also prepared MTOs, or made to order sandwiches.  Anything from hot dogs, to subs, to salads.  You just punched in what you wanted on the computer screen (or pad and paper in the old days), and they would prepare it.  Over time, Sheetz begin to migrate South, first into Virginia, which helped on the long trips back to Pennsylvania.  Between the gas and food, they provided a nice pit stop.  Then finally a few years back, into North Carolina.  And then they began to expand!  They went from just a drive-in and go store to a ‘restaurant,’ providing chairs and tables to eat in, if you wished.  Recently, they also developed a grab and go case with prepared sandwiches and other foods.

So, what does Sheetz offer to the typical Celiac?  Well, hopefully something, as we stop quite frequently, especially travelling.  I recently discovered their yogurt cups (see picture) as clearly marked gluten free.  This definitely helps when travelling, cutting down on the need for a large cooler.  In these cases they have other things, such as cheeses, snack packs (watch out for the pretzels), eggs, and other sliced fruits.  Obviously, their sandwiches are not gluten-free due to the bread.  They do not currently carry any gluten-free breads.  For all their made-to-order foods, they provide an allergy statement:

ALLERGEN WARNING: All foods, bakery items, and specialty beverages in our store are prepared in a shared environment which could cause exposure of any product to known food allergens. These would include, but are not limited to: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, egg, fish, and milk.

So for now, anyway, they cannot guarantee anything for their made-to-order foods.  However, the foods I mentioned, plus the fact this is a convenience store (think 7-11), you can find many types of chips, candy, and other gluten-free items.  Not a large selection, but you won’t starve!  I also hope, with them putting ‘gluten free’ on some things, like their yogurt, more will continue.  When travelling, we definitely look for Celiac friendly pit stops!



Candy/Fruit/Snack/Nut Bars–Oh, and Gluten Free

Ok, our girls would probably live on these if we let them. Every time we enter a store like Kroger’s or Sheetz that carry them, the girls just sense where they are and begin asking for them. So funny. Nice though, as we do not need to stress too much about them, they contain some relatively healthy ingredients and come in a range of flavors.  You can find more about them at http://www.larabar.com/.

We have commented many times about all the great bars out there, and LaraBar is no different.  They tout themselves as containing a ‘delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices’ with ‘no more than nine ingredients.’  Maybe not all the time, but we definitely do not mind giving the girls these as a snack sometimes.  From Apple Pie to Banana Bread, from Coconut Cream Pie to Chocolate Coconut Chew, your Celiacs will definitely find a flavor to satisfy them.

5 Years of Gluten Free Raleigh Posts!

Wow!  This month marks FIVE YEARS since the Raleigh Cel-Kids group began (our first post here).  Almost 700 posts later, here we sit!  The landscape of Celiac and gluten-free eating definitely changed.  We do not need to order in bulk so much, as you can find something gluten free pretty much anywhere you go.  Lots of things in regular grocery stores.  Snacks in gas stations such as Sheetz. Lots of specialty stores like Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Harmony Foods, and Trader Joes.  Even things at places like Wal*Mart, Aldi’s, and Target.  Restaurants coming along, not as fast, but you can find things in chain and local places like Red Robin, Chick-Fil-A, Bella Monica, and Nantucket Grill.

We look forward to finding another five years (and beyond) worth of gluten free items.  We’ll keep reporting, as long as you all keep reading!

Oskri Bars


More GF Bar Goodness

Concluding our mini bar review, we look at Oskri bars today.  We also found these at Sheetz.  For a ‘gas station,’ you can definitely find a wide variety of quick gf snacks at Sheetz.  Oskri (http://oskri.com/) represents another health-conscious company making organic snacks.

While we only found an assortment of bars at Sheetz from Oskri, by visiting their website, you can find a large line of products, all gluten free.  From dried fruit to nuts to syrups to granolas, you can find quite a lot of gluten free items.  Peach granola?  Yes, please!  Or their bagged snacks called Crunches, which contain nuts, dried fruits, and other flavors.

For bars, you can also find quite a variety.  At Sheetz we found coconut, apple, fig, and date bars.  A gluten free fig bar?  Yes!  Definitely more good quick snacks you can pick up at your local Sheetz.  A new Sheetz coming to North Raleigh, too!  Find it opening probably in February at the corner of Litchford and Old Wake Forest.



You Are SMART For Eating SMART Bars!

We love to find quick little snacks while travelling.  Que the Sheetz music, as it seems we always seem to find new gf bars at Sheetz.  On our recent travels, we found SMART whole grain oatmeal bars with Greek yogurt drizzle.  Yum!  They come in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Cranberry Flax.  Unlike regular breakfast-ish bars, these are more of a protein bar with low sugar.  Probably not the kind of thing to eat regularly, but probably not too bad for a travel snack.  They come certified gluten free, something to rest easily about, since it does contain oatmeal.  As we’ve seen, though, oatmeal can be gluten free (reduced gluten).

You can find more info on Detour’s line of bars, including SMART, at http://www.detourbar.com/smart/.  Detour is more a sports nutrition company selling protein shakes, protein bars, and oatmeal.  Not all comes gluten free, but their SMART line can definitely provide a unique choice for a workout, or as a goto when travelling.

Mallo Cups


How About One of These in Your Stocking!

So what kid doesn’t need more candy this time of year?  I remember growing up with Mallo Cups, up in Central Pennsylvania.  They were made by the Boyer company, which grew so large to even have an amusement park named after it, Boyertown USA, which has since become Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA.

Anyway, back to the candy…

Recently when stopping at Sheetz, we noticed a display of these, and sure enough, they clearly say gluten free.  So we picked up the giant size 4 pack.  So what exactly are Mallow Cups?  Well, they sort of look like a peanut butter cup, but on the top, you will see some bumps, which are a little bit of toasted coconut inside of the chocolate cover.  Inside, where you may expect peanut butter you will find–marshmellow creme!  Mmmm!!!  Good, terrible-for-you snack when travelling this holiday season.  Nothing like a little more hyped-up kids in the car, right?