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Uber Bars

My wife loves her Larabars.  Any kind of fruity, nut bar actually, but Larabars are definitely her favorite.  You can find them pretty much anywhere, as well.  We found this large assorted box at BJs, but we regularly find them at Kroger individually wrapped as well.  More flavor choices at Kroger, but probably cheaper to […]

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Skinny Sticks–Another Alternative to Chips

Went on another BJs trip and we found another another gluten free snack.  This time, similar to Veggie Straws, we found Skinny Sticks. Once again, small straw-like sticks made of a variety of vegetables and tortillas.  Pretty good, although these come covered in some kind of powder that get all over your fingers.  I really […]

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BJs Almonds

I believe we may have reviewed Berkley & Jensen (BJs) brand almonds in the past, although I could not find the post quickly.  You would think, if they just salt them, almonds would come naturally gluten free.  I would agree, but I am always suspicious that they sneak some flour in to keep things from […]

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Salted Caramel Bark

Yes, sounds odd, but we picked up a pack of this recently at BJs, and mmmmm, very good!  What you have are pieces of dark chocolate held together with caramel.  Then they have large chunks of salt all over the pieces.  You would think, what a weird combination, but for this, it works.  Very odd […]

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Almond Roca Toffee Bars

Gosh, I love some good toffee.  Recently on a trip to BJs, we looked through the candy aisle.  We found these large tins of Almond Roca, buttercrunch toffee.  We definitely like some good toffee, but we figured this would have gluten, if for no other reason, to dust the pieces with flour to keep them […]

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Skinny Pop Popcorn

BJs, oh, great gluten free snack food store…we love your snacks!  We recently found Skinny Pop gluten free popcorn.  You can find their page at http://www.skinnypop.com/.  Their ingredient list is simple, as evidenced by their logo, No Artificial Anything.  Pretty simple ingredient list…just the basics, and a guiltless snack when watching some New Year’s Eve movies […]

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Blueberry Almondpops

BJs continues to single-handedly help us run this blog with their variety of gluten free products they stock.  Our latest kick are the blueberry Almondpops.  Almondpops are made by 180snacks (http://www.180snacks.com/), makers of coffees, nuts, and many other snacks.  These rice snacks come with freezedried blueberries and almonds in an airy little block of goodness. […]

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Liberte Greek Yogurt

Most yogurts these day comes gluten free.  You still need to watch, though, and check those labels carefully. Thankfully, companies like Liberte clearly mark their labels clearly.  We found this new yogurt at BJs recently.  For those on the Greek bandwagon (like my girls!), you will like these yogurts.  Not all of us like the […]

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Sabrett Hot Dogs

Lots of Hot Dogs lately in the reviews.  Good news, as we used to just rely on Hebrew National.  We found a bunch more at BJs recently, including Sabrett.  You may know this brand as one of the more commonly found street vendors, especially in Downtown Raleigh near the museums.  Sabrett represents a true New […]

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Orville Redenbacher

Gosh, you all know we love us some BJs.  We find different things there every time.  On our most recent trip we found a large bag of Orville Redenbacher White Cheddar popcorn.  Sure enough, like the Poppycock we recently reviewed, we saw a clearly marked ‘gluten free’ label.  Thank goodness, because this stuff is like […]

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