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Dr. Praeger’s GF Fish Sticks

Continuing our mini-series on quick meals, today we’ll take a look at Dr. Praeger’s potato crusted fish sticks.  We found them recently in the frozen section of Target.  So glad to see things like this.  Our girls’ palates are not that mature yet, as most kids, so we stick with the basics-pb&js on gluten free […]

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evol GF Quesadillas

We LOVE quick meals.  Unfortunately, up until now, quick meals and gluten free lifestyles did not easily merge.  However, recently, we have been finding more and more quick meals.  Kroger and Target really stepped up their frozen offerings.  We will review some things we found at Kroger soon, but today we will take a look […]

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Oskri Bars

Concluding our mini bar review, we look at Oskri bars today.  We also found these at Sheetz.  For a ‘gas station,’ you can definitely find a wide variety of quick gf snacks at Sheetz.  Oskri (http://oskri.com/) represents another health-conscious company making organic snacks. While we only found an assortment of bars at Sheetz from Oskri, […]

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That’s It Bars

A snack bar trend coming up! We just reviewed SMART Bars by Detour, next up, That’s It fruit bars.  You can find more about their 6 flavor all gluten free bars at http://www.thatsitfruit.com/. From their website, That’s It.TM bars grew from the idea that nature knows best. We agree. We believe that adding a bunch of extra […]

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We love to find quick little snacks while travelling.  Que the Sheetz music, as it seems we always seem to find new gf bars at Sheetz.  On our recent travels, we found SMART whole grain oatmeal bars with Greek yogurt drizzle.  Yum!  They come in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, and Cranberry Flax.  Unlike regular breakfast-ish bars, […]

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Applegate GF Tenders

Who doesn’t like quick and easy meals?  Especially when you can pick them up at a regular grocery store you are stopping at anyways.  While on recent trip to Target, we needed something quick for dinner.  Enter Applegate Naturals chicken breast tenders.  Applegate Naturals (http://www.applegate.com/) makes a very extensive line of ‘healthy-ish’ and GMO free products. […]

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Canyon Bakehouse Bread

We do not try and review too many breads these days as our girls like to stick with some favorites like Udi’s and Rudi’s.  My mother-in-law makes bread for the girls from time to time as well.  We did find a new one to try recently at Earth Fare. Canyon Bakehouse (http://canyonglutenfree.com/) makes a variety […]

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Ian’s Gluten Free Breadcrumbs

Anyone catch that random reference in the caption?  You remember those old Shake-n-Bake commercials?  You know, the little girl with dimples, good-old fashioned in her little dress, ‘It’s Shake-n-bake, and I helped.’  Of course, Celiacs cannot be so cute in helping with dinner, until now, at least.  We recently found large bags of Ian’s gluten […]

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Gluuteny–Pittsburgh’s Gluten Free Bakery

Those of you long-time Celiacs may remember Raleigh’s Rosie’s Plate  (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=rosie).  It was one of the first local gluten free bakeries.  They had the BEST cinnamon rolls!  Sadly, business declined, with the increase of national brands, and Rosie’s Plate closed a few years ago.  Since then, we have sought other gluten free bakeries.  A year […]

Perdue Simply Smart GF Strips

Perdue has done a nice job coming out with options for gluten-free lifestyles.  We find many of their products (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=perdue) gluten-free.  From their marinated chicken we find at BJs to their breaded chicken strips we found at Harris Teeter.  While at Kroger recently, we found their breaded breast tenders in new packaging.  You can actually […]

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