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Aldi’s Weekly Ad

We opened the Aldi’s ad in yesterday’s News and Observer, and were shocked to see Aldi’s new line of gluten free products prominently displayed.  It seems they had good luck with their cake mixes awhile back (click here), so they expanded their line.  We do mean expanded.  While we did not go to a store […]

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Gluten Free Pizelles

Growing up in the North, ethnic food was a staple of life.  Living outside Pittsburgh, you had your Italian section, your German section, your Polish section, etc, etc.  One of the best things of all those groups–the food!  One thing I ate a lot growing up were pizzelles.  Think a waffle cone that never gets […]

Gluten Free Manischewitz Cake Mixes

With all the Spring holidays approaching, we focus on just the Celiac part of things, without thoughts to foods that may be Kosher for those celebrating Passover.  While on a recent trip to Kroger, we found a large variety of Kosher gluten free products from Manischewitz.  From gluten free cake mixes to gluten free crackers, […]

Wow Snickerdoodles

The name of these says it all–wow!  We found these cookies recently at Whole Foods, and loved them!  Definitely ones to try.  While you can find a lot of gf cookies these days, rare do you find soft, chewy ones.  That is just what you find wiht Wow Snickerdoodles! You can find more about Wow […]

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GF Cupcakes to Order

Oh, yes, we LOVE to find special occasions so we can special order gluten free cupcakes.  Awhile back we attended a baby shower.  Well, my wife attended, I kept up with our kids and kids of other attendees outside.  Hmm… Anyway, the shower hosts had these little, mini cupcakes, and sure enough, they were gluten […]

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Whole Foods Bake Shop Confetti Cake

Who doesn’t like cake?  Especially already made, just buy, and bring home cake.  Well, we found it, and took it home, and enjoyed it.  Chocolate Confetti Cake.  Yeah, that sounds pretty good.  We found it on a whim recently at Whole Foods.  We honestly just stopped for some of the Bakehouse White bread that our […]

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Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Wow!  Does it get any better than a gluten free ice cream sandwich?  When we start seeing gf novelty items, we really made it!  We picked a four pack of Julie’s Organic /Glutenfreeda ice cream sandwiches at Kroger recently.  We have been wanting to try them for awhile, but never got around to it. They […]

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Betty Crocker

If you spend any time on this blog, you now how many things Betty Crocker makes for the gluten-free community.  Just looking at this list: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=betty+crocker you see all the cake mixes, frostings, and more.  We definitely appreciate their work.  Unfortunately, though, we need to call them out on their all purpose rice flour blend.  It takes […]

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Gluuteny–Pittsburgh’s Gluten Free Bakery

Those of you long-time Celiacs may remember Raleigh’s Rosie’s Plate  (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=rosie).  It was one of the first local gluten free bakeries.  They had the BEST cinnamon rolls!  Sadly, business declined, with the increase of national brands, and Rosie’s Plate closed a few years ago.  Since then, we have sought other gluten free bakeries.  A year […]

Robert Rothschild Dip

It doesn’t get any better than the holidays for a bunch of snacks.  We are currently up in Pennsylvania, visiting family, and still amazed at how many gluten free snacks you can find pretty much everywhere.  For hors d’oeuvres, before dinner last night my mother put out pumpkin pie dip from Roberth Rothschild Farm and […]

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