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Marshmellow Peeps…All Year Long…

So on first glance, finding Peeps all year long, not just on holidays, may seem like a good thing.  Although I trend toward the direction of keeping them special for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  Regardless of my feelings, however, you can now find Peeps Minis all year long.  We found this display of them recently […]

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Campfire Marshmellows

So with cookout season coming, we recently found these Campfire Mallow Bursts at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart.  I love how clearly Campfire labels their marshmellows as being gluten free.  We usually buy Kraft marshmellows, and they do not clearly label theirs.  They list all the ingredients, and we can infer no gluten was used in […]

Trader Joe Chocolate Covered Toffee Popcorn

We always find so many interesting snacks at Trader Joe’s.  On a recent trip we found bags of milk chocolate covered toffee popcorn.  You can see in the picture, they clearly marked it with their gluten free symbol (bottom, right corner).  What a great snack for travelling, watching movies at home, or for a special […]

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Mallo Cups

So what kid doesn’t need more candy this time of year?  I remember growing up with Mallo Cups, up in Central Pennsylvania.  They were made by the Boyer company, which grew so large to even have an amusement park named after it, Boyertown USA, which has since become Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA. Anyway, back […]

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Christmas Angry Birds

You know what time it is?  Yup, when the regular products we buy everyday put on a Christmas wrapper that we cannot avoid.  Nice, though, for the Celiacs out there that so many of them come gluten free now.  Not that we need more fruit gummies or that Angry Birds remind us of the Holidays, […]

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Happy Gluten Free Halloween!

We are now rapidly entering that time of year when you cannot go anywhere without seeing seasonally related candy, snacks, and other food.  Tonight our Celiac children will go out into the night and return with mounds and mounds (and, hey, even Mounds or Almond Joy) of candy.  Hopefully you, like us, implement the ‘no […]

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JuJu Candy

I love walking through the candy aisle of a drugstore.  Liked it since I was a little kid.  You do not see the loose candy as much, but you still find lots of yummy treats.  While browsing around Walgreens recently, we found these containers of juju fruits.  When do you ever see candy, especially bulk […]

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

So continuing on small look at StrideBox and running/nutritional supplements, we look today at Sport Beans, Jelly Belly brand’s endurance beans.  Like the regular Jelly Belly jellybeans, Sport Beans come gluten free (http://sportbeans.com/).  The big difference with them, though, is the ingredients.  Not all of the SportBeans come with caffeine, but some do, so you […]

Campfire EggSwirlers

Marshmellows, for some reason, exist as a taboo food for Celiacs.  Sometimes, a company may label them gluten free, but if not, you read the ingredients and know none of them contain gluten, BUT you know with ‘sticky’ things they sometimes add flour (whether wheat, corn, or rice) to them to keep them from sticking. […]

Jenny’s Cupcakery

My youngest daughter recently went to a birthday party in Downtown Raleigh at Cirque De Vol Studios.  Pretty awesome place for a birthday party, as they could work on a trapeze, do a variety of gymnastics, and just a lot of other fun.  The other big thing from the party were the GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES! […]

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