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Boulder Canyon Veggie Crisps

You can find so many great gluten free snacks pretty much everywhere these days.  We definitely like trying new ones and found these Boulder Canyon Garden Select Vegetable Crisps recently at Kroger.  Another ‘all natural’ company with a lot of variety. You can see more at their website (http://www.bouldercanyonfoods.com/), but you really can find a […]

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Hoppy Easter With Utz

Happy Easter, Everyone!  We have already gone through our egg hunt and both girls found these Utz Cotton Tails white cheese balls in their baskets.   Utz does a great job with labeling their products, and these are no exception.  On the back, by the ingredients, you see ‘This is a gluten free food.’ Good […]

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Popcorn, Indiana’s Fit Popcorn

Skinny popcorn for the win!  Not sure how popcorn can be fit, although it definitely is a better option than most snacks.  Good to see more individual, ‘school-ready’ snackpacks out there.  We found Popcorn, Indian’s fit individual bags recently at BJs.  They come 21 bags to a box.  We reviewed Popcorn, Indiana’s products before (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=popcorn%2C+indian), […]

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GF Valentine’s Pirate Booty

Well, we missed getting this up in time for Valentine’s Day, but glad to see the folks at Pirate’s Booty prepare for the holidays!

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PopChips–Sweet Potato

You never expect to find gluten free snacks when scouring After Christmas sales, but that is exactly what happened to us while looking for Christmas bargains recently at Target.  We stopped to just check on wrapping paper, bows, and LIGHTS (call me Clark Griswold) a few days after Christmas.  Surprisingly, we found lots of things, […]

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Robert Rothschild Dip

It doesn’t get any better than the holidays for a bunch of snacks.  We are currently up in Pennsylvania, visiting family, and still amazed at how many gluten free snacks you can find pretty much everywhere.  For hors d’oeuvres, before dinner last night my mother put out pumpkin pie dip from Roberth Rothschild Farm and […]

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Angie’s Holidrizzle Popcorn

Oh, the holidays.  Lots of yummy things that no one needs to eat, but that we still do anyway!  Kettle corn drizzled white chocolate and peppermint?  Sure!  Even better, gluten free! We recently found Angie’s Holidrizzle Kettle Corn in a nice display at Harris Teeter.  This was about a day or so after Halloween, so […]

Utz Snow Balls

The Utz brand of snacks does a great job in labeling their products.  They also do a nice job ‘holidayzing’ their products.  At Halloween, they had individually wrapped (and themed) trick or trick bags of cheese balls.  In the past, they have had snow balls, white cheese balls, in a jar.  This year, we found […]

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More Nut Thin Varieties

Following the recent post about new pretzel flavors, we recently found a variety of new flavors from Blue Diamond.  Staying power of national products is pretty obvious when they start coming out with additional flavors and types of a product.  Starting back in 2010, we started finding these Blue Diamond nut-thins ( link  link).  They were one […]

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New Snyder’s Pretzel Flavors!

Now that we see many of the major manufacturers making gluten-free versions of plain foods, we are noticing more and more varieties of flavors.  While at a recent Harris Teeter trip, we found newly labeled Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, and then looking closer, new flavors as well.  Exciting to see this–new flavors of Hot Buffalo […]