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Gluten Free Cafe Cereals

Wal*Mart always surprises us in the amount and variety of gluten free products they carry.  Recently, at the Wake Forest location, we found  Gluten Free Cafe hot and cold cereals.   We already found gluten free soup from Gluten Free Cafe (click here) and frozen dinners (click here).  Now we found Maple Buckwheat Flakes and […]

Nature’s Place Gluten Free Pizza

So I mentioned being unprepared for our first trip to Camp Seafarer and luckily Food Lion in Araphoe, NC coming to the rescue?  We found bread, bars, and a couple type of gf pizzas.  Another one we found is Nature’s Place.  I had not heard of Nature’s Place, but a quick Google Search revealed it […]

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Hoppy Easter With Utz

Happy Easter, Everyone!  We have already gone through our egg hunt and both girls found these Utz Cotton Tails white cheese balls in their baskets.   Utz does a great job with labeling their products, and these are no exception.  On the back, by the ingredients, you see ‘This is a gluten free food.’ Good […]

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Gluten Free Manischewitz Cake Mixes

With all the Spring holidays approaching, we focus on just the Celiac part of things, without thoughts to foods that may be Kosher for those celebrating Passover.  While on a recent trip to Kroger, we found a large variety of Kosher gluten free products from Manischewitz.  From gluten free cake mixes to gluten free crackers, […]

Bold Organics Pizza

When you travel with Celiacs, you definitely need to bring lots of your own products.  You never know if the area you travel to will have gluten free items, so you want to play it safe.  In a previous  post I mentioned I spent the past two weekends with each daughter at Camp Seafarer in […]

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Wow Snickerdoodles

The name of these says it all–wow!  We found these cookies recently at Whole Foods, and loved them!  Definitely ones to try.  While you can find a lot of gf cookies these days, rare do you find soft, chewy ones.  That is just what you find wiht Wow Snickerdoodles! You can find more about Wow […]

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Barbara’s Puffins Cereal

Kroger is the bomb these days for finding gluten free products.  We love the Strickland/Falls of Neuse Location (Raleigh Cel-Kids Map).  I have not visited any other Kroger’s to see if they carry the same large number of gf products, but this one definitely is worth a trip.  In the healthy/organic section recently we found […]

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GF Breton Crackers

Ok, just wow here.  I purposely waited until after April Fools’ Day, to make sure you all believed me on this one.  While I stopped at the Lowes’ Foods on 401 in Rolesville recently, I just cruised the cracker/cookie aisle looking for something for a party.  I saw the Breton Gluten Free crackers, but my […]

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Toufayan Wraps

What a surprising find.  Just happened to cruise the baked goods area of Food Lion recently, and saw piles of both of these Toufayan gluten free wraps.  I had to pick them up, as we love making wraps for dinners and lunches.  Toufayan makes a variety of gluten wraps and pita bread and more, but […]

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Qrunch Quinoa Burgers

More quick meals make for happy parents!  We found Qrunch quinoa burgers in a variety of unique flavors recently at Target.  Most veggie burgers come gluten free (but always check), and now Qrunch brings some new flavors to the fold.  We found Spicy Italian and Sweet Curry in a recent trip.  Qrunch (http://qrunchfoods.com/)  makes only certified […]

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