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Crystal Light Lemonade

So another drink mix, and yup, gluten free.  At least the flavors we looked at.  According to Kraft’s website, they will clearly label any gluten ingredient on the label.  So while their Natural Lemonade did say gluten free, check the labels carefully for gluten ingredients.

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True Lemon

Everyone likes a nice, refreshing glass of lemonade, or a spot of lemon in their water.  Often, with Celiac, you do need to watch things like lemon juice and drink mixes for extra gluten they put in with the product to keep it from clumping or for thickening. Not so with True Lemon.  True Lemon […]

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FlavorIce, Otter Pops, and Pop Ice

If you visit a grocery store in the summer, chances are you pass by Flavor-Ice, Otter Pops, or Pop Ice.  Or if you ever attended a summer camp, vacation bible school, or summer school, you probably snacked on one of them for a treat.  You would think they contain water, flavoring, and sugar, but with […]