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Nature’s Place Gluten Free Pizza

So I mentioned being unprepared for our first trip to Camp Seafarer and luckily Food Lion in Araphoe, NC coming to the rescue?  We found bread, bars, and a couple type of gf pizzas.  Another one we found is Nature’s Place.  I had not heard of Nature’s Place, but a quick Google Search revealed it […]

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Bold Organics Pizza

When you travel with Celiacs, you definitely need to bring lots of your own products.  You never know if the area you travel to will have gluten free items, so you want to play it safe.  In a previous  post I mentioned I spent the past two weekends with each daughter at Camp Seafarer in […]

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Year 2 At Camp Seafarer

Got back yesterday after a weekend with my daughter at Camp Seafarer for the YMCA Y Princesses Spring Outing.  This was the second year attending with my oldest daughter.  Next week, I get to go back down there with my youngest for her first year.  Even with the lack of sleep, we still had a […]

Toufayan Wraps

What a surprising find.  Just happened to cruise the baked goods area of Food Lion recently, and saw piles of both of these Toufayan gluten free wraps.  I had to pick them up, as we love making wraps for dinners and lunches.  Toufayan makes a variety of gluten wraps and pita bread and more, but […]

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Utz Chips

We reviewed Utz in the past, with their huge list of gf products here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=utz.  The real reason I wanted to review these kettle Classics is for a story I played a role in.  At work, in a school system, I work pretty close with a director in charge of parental involvement.  Getting parent representatives of […]

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Care Bear Fruit Snacks

Stopping by Food Lion the other day we found Care Bear Fruit Snacks by Betty Crocker.  Like the other Betty Crocker fruit snacks, they clearly label these as gluten free.  Thankfully another option for lunches, travel, and snacks.  I think we sometimes forget how important it was as kids to have the foods tied to […]

John Soules Fully Cooked Chicken

Sometimes you go into the store knowing you will not find anything gluten free.  Fortunately, during a quick trip to Food Lion recently, we DID find something we needed, and it was gluten free! We needed pre-cooked (or fully cooked) chicken strips for tacos.  Our girls do eat chicken and our youngest especially likes tacos, […]

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