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We visited PDQ way back before Christmas and now just finally wrote a post on them.  Right off the start, full disclosure, you will not find any gluten free friendly statement from PDQ on their website (http://www.eatpdq.com/) or in their restaurant.  We did find their Falls of Neuse location’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PDQFalls/posts/398763470199919) which referenced a […]

Burger King Menu

So someone recently mentioned Burger King’s new gluten free menu.  We decided to check it out, as we always appreciate new options at fast food, especially when travelling.  Burger King has a page (http://www.bk.com/cms/en/us/cms_out/digital_assets/files/pages/MenuGlutenFree.pdf) listing their gluten free menu.  Sure enough, many things, like Whopper patties, plain chicken fillet, and sausage come gluten free.  The […]

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New Kids’ Meals at Chick-fil-A

Thanks to our sponsor, Pat Berger, for sharing this story with us.  We always knew Chick-Fil-A as one of the few fast food restaurants to cook their fries (make sure you ask!!) in separate containers to eliminate gluten contamination.  And we could get a plain, grilled chicken breast (see here for how they label it). But […]

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Kennywood–Western PA Amusement Park

Pittsburgh is home to many things, including a popular amusement park named Kennywood.  As a child, we would go there multiple times a summer.  During a recent trip to Pennsylvania, we took the girls for their first trip of roller coasters, wet rides, and dark rides.  As with any amusement park, Kennywood has all your […]

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Chicken Nuggets–Better than Gluten Style

Recently we picked up Tyson’s chicken nuggets for the non-Celiacs and made gluten free nuggets for the Celiacs.  We used the recipe below, using GF Bisquick.  In looking at both, we could not believe how the gf nuggets actually LOOKED like pieces of chicken.  The Tyson’s…not quite so much… Reminded us of the Jamie Oliver […]

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Ore Ida French Fry Labels

We always knew Ore-Ida brand potatoes (fries and tator tots) were gluten free.  We noticed, however, good labeling recently.  Can’t get much clearer than a big, red gluten-free on the label.  Good job, Ore-Ida and Heinz!  

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Chick-Fil-A Labeling

We recently stopped at the Chick-Fil-A off Falls of Neuse in North Raleigh.  We always feel pretty comfortable getting their waffle fries, since they fry them in their own dedicated friers to eliminate cross contamination.  We usually order a grilled chicken breast, sans bun, as well.  Until recently, I never said ‘for a food allergy.’  […]

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Vacationing to Disney World: With Celiac

So we finally decided to take the girls to Walt Disney World last year, the week after Thanksgiving.  After consulting many of the books (The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World being our favorite), websites (All Ears–Celiac Experiences), and friends, we felt pretty confident about spending some time at Disney. We definitely were VERY please […]

Hardee’s Update

I recently checked Hardee’s website for their gluten free offerings.  About seven months ago, the Cel-Kids blog reviewed their new ‘Gluten Free offerings’ (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=hardees).  At the time, the fine print definitely stood out as less than helpful.  I checked again recently, and found they changed their wording somewhat, to ‘Gluten Sensitive,’ still with that rather […]

Gluten Free Condiments

While maybe not the most exciting topic to cover, definitely a necessary one, as much uncertainty exists.  You would think one ketchup being gluten free, then they all would.  But then we introduce Catsup, different flavors of mustard, and light and regular mayonnaise.  Lots of room for confusion!  We will spend a few posts with this […]

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