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I Love Pomegranates

So most of us would assume fruit a gluten free product.  Never hurts, though, to see the packaging listed as gluten free.  We found these pomegranate seeds recently at Harris Teeter.  You can never go wrong with giving your children fruit.  You can find a variety of products with pomegranates, including fresh seeds, juice, even […]

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Walmart’s Frozen Fruit

We would hope when you buy fruit, it would not come with gluten.  Always good to see a store, in this case Wal*Mart, clearly label something gluten free anyway.  You never can tell, so it is good to see it.  We picked up frozen strawberries recently, and you can see they label it ‘Naturally Gluten […]

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Fruit Nuggets

Florida’s Natural makes a lot of yummy snacks.  We reviewed some in the past here: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=florida+natural Now we recently found Berrilicious Nuggets at Target.  As the other nuggets show, these were very clearly marked gluten free.  I like their motto, ‘Our First Ingredient is Fruit’ as well.  While not as healthy as some plain fruits […]

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Fruit Crisps

Who, with school aged children, does not like to find quick, individually packaged, semi-healthy snacks to throw in a lunchbox or pack when travelling? On a recent trip to BJs, we found another great item, meeting all those criteria–Fruit Crisps.  The box comes in 6 single serve bags full of semi-dried fruit.  More like a […]

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Fruit Cups

While you would think things like applesauce would always be gluten free, and naturally they are, many manufacturers may add some wheat flour to keep things from sticking.  Definitely look at ingredients carefully as you purchase these things.  We recently found another good find at BJs-a variety pack of fruit sauce.  Sure enough, it clearly […]

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Wal*Mart Raisins

Following up from the most recent post, Wal*Mart now labels their raisins gluten free.  While I would hope manufacturers would not include gluten in fruit, it helps to see it on the label.  Puts our minds at ease…

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