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Annie’s Snack Kits

You gotta love quick snacks and lunchbox fillers.  Well, we sure do!  We found another good one on a recent trip to Target.  Annie’s has been a gluten free staple for years with their mac and cheese, cookies, and other things.  Now, we found snack kits.  Inside each kit, you’ll find a gf trail mix, […]

Mariana Yogurt Raisins

We picked up some yogurt raisins recently at Harris Teeter.  We usually just do the regular, Sun Maid brand.  While those do not come with a gluten free label, the girls have eaten them with no problem.  We found Mariani’s Yogurt Raisins and they do show a gluten free label on the front (although my […]

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Trix are For Celiacs…

Ok, still not the cereal (remember that rumor a couple years ago), but Trix fruit snacks ARE gluten free.  We found these large boxes (28 pouches) at Target recently.  Nicely dressed up for Easter.  Good for snacking, school packing, or travel.

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Easter Fruit By the Foot

Well, we found Fruit Roll-Ups, so of course we would find Easter Fruit By the Foot.  Nothing much to say other than you can pick up these boxes at Target.  26 in a box, a basket stuffer as the box says.  Not sure why you would fill children’s baskets with 26 Fruit by the Foots, […]

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Easter Fruit Roll-Ups

Are you ready for the onslaught that is Easter marketing?  We went to Target recently and found pretty much every product repackaged in bright, pastel colors.  Luckily, many of them come gluten free.  Betty Crocker, we know, has done a great job over the years with gluten free labeling.  We found their Easter Fruit Roll-Ups […]

Annie’s Bunny Snacks

For so long we waited for Annie’s fruit snacks to come gluten free.  We did not understand how they could sell gluten free mac and cheese, but not fruit snacks.  Have no fear, though, you can now get all their fruit snacks gluten free.  Berry patch, Pink Lemonade, and other flavors now come gluten free. […]

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Florida’s Natural Valentine Fruit Snacks

Happy February!  With February brings lots of love, pink, and candy!  Lots and lots of candy!  Luckily, much of the Valentine’s candy these days comes gluten free.  One thing we’ve reviewed many, many times is Florida’s Natural fruit snacks.  Since the early days, they clearly mark their products gluten free.  You can see many past […]

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Christmas Angry Birds

You know what time it is?  Yup, when the regular products we buy everyday put on a Christmas wrapper that we cannot avoid.  Nice, though, for the Celiacs out there that so many of them come gluten free now.  Not that we need more fruit gummies or that Angry Birds remind us of the Holidays, […]

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Angry Bird Fruit Snacks

We love to see new products and companies finally moving toward better labeling of gluten free products.  We recently stopped at the Wake Forest Wal*Mart and found Angry Bird fruit snacks.  You can see how they clearly label the box.  We had no chance of NOT bringing these home, as, even with the Angry Bird […]

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Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks

I believe we mentioned that Kellogg’s finally started releasing all their various fruity snacks as gluten free.  Great news, as so many of the popular cartoon characters come on the box.  We found some new, regular ones recently at Wal*Mart.  Love seeing that gluten free label in a prominent location.  We also found gluten free […]

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