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Lucy’s Cookies to Go

Who can say no to cookies?  Especially cookies in individually wrapped (3 in a pack) packs?  You had me at cookie! So we found Lucy’s cookies awhile ago at Whole Foods, and while we like the cookies, we really did not purchase them too often.  While shopping at BJs recently, that changed, as we found […]

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Uber Bars

My wife loves her Larabars.  Any kind of fruity, nut bar actually, but Larabars are definitely her favorite.  You can find them pretty much anywhere, as well.  We found this large assorted box at BJs, but we regularly find them at Kroger individually wrapped as well.  More flavor choices at Kroger, but probably cheaper to […]

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Kelloggs’ Fruit Snacks–Finally Gluten Free!

One of the last major companies making fruit snacks finally went gluten free.  We reviewed ingredients in Kellogg’s fruit snacks a lot over the years, and they appeared not to contain gluten, but they never clearly marked the boxes.  Now, as you can see in my crooked picture, they have begun to just do that. […]

More Fruit–From SunRype

We really like our fruit snacks and fruit leather in our family.  Whether using it for school lunches, packing for beach trips, or just as a snack, individually wrapped snacks definitely go over big with us.  While recently at Aldi’s, I found these clearly marked gluten free fruit strips from SunRype.  These, we found, were […]

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JuJu Candy

I love walking through the candy aisle of a drugstore.  Liked it since I was a little kid.  You do not see the loose candy as much, but you still find lots of yummy treats.  While browsing around Walgreens recently, we found these containers of juju fruits.  When do you ever see candy, especially bulk […]

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

So continuing on small look at StrideBox and running/nutritional supplements, we look today at Sport Beans, Jelly Belly brand’s endurance beans.  Like the regular Jelly Belly jellybeans, Sport Beans come gluten free (http://sportbeans.com/).  The big difference with them, though, is the ingredients.  Not all of the SportBeans come with caffeine, but some do, so you […]

A ‘Runner Mini-Series’ of Posts

My wife and I, like many in Raleigh, like to workout, exercise, or call it what you will.  Our activity of choice is running.  We both run races, including marathons.  Our girls like to tag along on some runs with us, with our oldest even recently completing a 5k.  If they choose to run races, […]

Aldi’s Fit&Active Fruit Strips

Aldi’s is definitely a store that surprises us sometimes.  We stopped recently and found a variety of gluten-free items, many of which we reviewed in the past like taco shells, cereal, drink mix, and more (click here for Aldi posts).  This time, we found Fit & Active fruit strips in a variety of flavors, all […]

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Skinny Sticks–Another Alternative to Chips

Went on another BJs trip and we found another another gluten free snack.  This time, similar to Veggie Straws, we found Skinny Sticks. Once again, small straw-like sticks made of a variety of vegetables and tortillas.  Pretty good, although these come covered in some kind of powder that get all over your fingers.  I really […]

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Black Forest Valentine Hearts

We repeatedly say how much we love to find holiday snacks for the girls.  I do not think we can underestimate how important it is for them to see holiday themed snacks they can eat and take in to school or to parties.  Makes them feel part of the crowd! We recently found Black Forest […]

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