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Tyson GF Breaded Chicken Strips

More and more national brands are joining the gluten-free movement.  We have reviewed a lot of new breaded chicken, including Perdue and Bell & Evans (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=chicken).  On a recent trip to Giant Eagle (grocery store chain in Western Pennsylvania) we found Tyson now joining the club, offering gluten free breaded chicken strips.  We have yet […]

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Natural Nectar Rice Sticks

You all have seen the chocolate sticks before.  I believe Pepperidge Farms makes some of them.  Of course, they all contain gluten.  Until now.  We found Natural Nectar offering these rice sticks, looking pretty similar to the other cookie brands.  We reviewed Natural Nectar before (click here), finding some of their crackers at Marshalls of […]

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Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Mini Chips

Yeah, who doesn’t like some chocolate chips?  They are usually my excuse to eat a good nut and fruit mix, as long as I find a bunch of these in there.  The majority of the major brands do come gluten free, but recently we found these Enjoy Life semi-sweet chips that also come dairy free. […]

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Get Oatmeal, Gluten Free!

We found a few ‘certified gluten free oats’ over the past year or so.  We recently found these Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeals at, you guessed it, Giant Eagle on our recent trip to PA.  Exciting to see this, as instant oatmeal is something my wife and I eat often in the winter, as it represents a […]

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Great Crackers!

My wife and I talked recently about Goldfish-style crackers being about the only thing we could not find gluten-free.  Just a light, airy,crispy cracker.  While we found lots of good crackers, this had been missing.  Until now.  We found Schar Cheese Bite crackers, and wow, what a good cracker.  First off, the girl both love […]

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Get Your Rolls!

Following up on our recent post of Schar pizza crusts, while shopping at the same Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania recently, we also found classic white rolls by Schar.  You got to love the sticker on them–New Recipe–Now Even Softer.  Great news, as some of these pre-made rolls in the past were pretty heavy and dense. […]

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Schar Pizza Crusts

So…do you need some more gluten free pizza crusts?  While we have reviewed many of them, I do like to continue to see new ones, as that helps all of us gain attention to Celiac.  While in Pennsylvania recently, we went to a Giant Eagle grocery store and found Schar pizza crusts.  Schar makes a […]

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