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Qrunch Quinoa Burgers

More quick meals make for happy parents!  We found Qrunch quinoa burgers in a variety of unique flavors recently at Target.  Most veggie burgers come gluten free (but always check), and now Qrunch brings some new flavors to the fold.  We found Spicy Italian and Sweet Curry in a recent trip.  Qrunch (http://qrunchfoods.com/)  makes only certified […]

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GF Veggie Burgers

Not all folks like ground beef or want to eat ground beef these days.  That includes Celiacs.  Thankfully, we can find many types of veggie burgers out there.  We recently found Sol Cuisine burgers at Kroger.  They come wheat and gluten free and also vegan.  While I like a good burger on the grill, my […]

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Twisted Fork

We recently went to Twisted Fork for my wife’s birthday.  We had been the years ago, before kids, but we did hear they can provide a variety of gluten free options.  Twisted Fork, located near Triangle Town Center (click here for Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map) is one of the Michael Dean restaurants, including a variety […]

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Burger King Menu

So someone recently mentioned Burger King’s new gluten free menu.  We decided to check it out, as we always appreciate new options at fast food, especially when travelling.  Burger King has a page (http://www.bk.com/cms/en/us/cms_out/digital_assets/files/pages/MenuGlutenFree.pdf) listing their gluten free menu.  Sure enough, many things, like Whopper patties, plain chicken fillet, and sausage come gluten free.  The […]

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Get Your Rolls!

Following up on our recent post of Schar pizza crusts, while shopping at the same Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania recently, we also found classic white rolls by Schar.  You got to love the sticker on them–New Recipe–Now Even Softer.  Great news, as some of these pre-made rolls in the past were pretty heavy and dense. […]

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Chicken/Hamburger Helper Update

Looks like the Betty Crocker experiment with gluten free Hamburger/Chicken Helpers has ended.  A few years ago, Betty Crocker decided to try some gluten free helpers, including the Asian Chicken Fried Rice and some Hamburger Helper flavors (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=885, http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=746).  Unfortunately, we saw this Chicken Fried Rice recently at  Walmart.  As you can see at the bottom […]

Cooking Out This Memorial Day?

Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer approaches!  While we want to share some gluten free items, we also want to briefly reflect on Memorial Day.  Remember why and who we memorialize today.  The US is a great country, we all should be thankful for those who fought for our lifestyles! So many of […]

Bottos Italian Sausage

More gluten free sausage at BJs was recently discovered.  Botto’s brand produces a few varieties, including patties and links.  Great to see, and a good addition to your favorite gluten free pancakes!

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Harvestland Chicken Sausage and More!

We try to get some protein into our girls whenever possible.  Celiac can sometimes make that difficult, as many regular kids go after chicken nuggets and other things to get their protein.  We do live heavily on soybeans, peanut butter, and chicken.  Glad to have many options, including our girls’ favorite-rotisserie Chicken (we reviewed options […]

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Eat-N-Park-The Place for Smiles!

Ok, so do we have any Northerners reading this blog?  We recently took a trip to Western Pennsylvania, finding many gluten-free items along the way.  As all parents of Celiacs probably learned long ago, when traveling, you really need to plan ahead. You will probably find gluten free items wherever you go, but you need […]

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