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GF Fair and Tasting at Harmony Farms Saturday!

Harmony Farms, a great organic store in North Raleigh near Crabtree Valley Mall (click here for map), has been around selling a wide variety of gluten free products for years.  We have reviewed many products we found there over the years (here, a tea party, bread, and animal crackers). Now, this Saturday, they will host […]

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Bella Monica Pizzas

Out of all the frozen gluten free pizzas, our girls like Raleigh’s own Bella Monica pizzas best.  Up until now, we needed to go to specialty stores to pick one up.  Not anymore…we found them recently for $9.99 (yes, like $3 cheaper!) at the Falls of Neuse/Strickland Kroger in Raleigh.  If you have not been […]

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Sad, But Optimistic News for Raleigh

If you read the recent Gluten Free Raleigh blog (http://glutenfreeraleigh.blogspot.com/2011/03/sad-day-for-raleigh-gluten-free.html), you saw one of the gluten free institutions in Raleigh will close.  Yes, Rosie’s Plate the first gluten (and other allergen) free kitchen in the area will hang it up from their Person Street location.  As Rose says, after three years, we have been lucky […]

Gluten Free Cookie Wafers

Do you remember those pink, white, and brown wafer cookies?  We recently found them at Harmony Farms, sans gluten of course.  Schar makes them, and they definitely possess a good, crisp crunch and a good taste.  We actually like to use them with other things.  My wife recently made a princess castle cake for our […]

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High Tea at Harmony Farms

The next Raleigh Cel-Kids event will feature a Parents-Only High Tea at Harmony Farms (directions here).  The event will focus on answering parent questions about Celiac and eating gluten-free.  The cost per person is $10, which will allow you to sample a variety of teas, gluten-free sweets, and other snacks.  Participates also enjoy a 10% […]

Waffle/Sugar Cones!

Awhile ago (June 14, 2009 to be exact), we reviewed Edward & Sons’ Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones.  These were in the ‘cup’ shape.  While shopping at Whole Foods in Raleigh recently, we found Let’s Do…Gluten Free Sugar Cones.  Some also call them waffle cones, but either way, they are the type with a pointy […]

Udi’s Bread

After all the many rave reviews on Facebook: from Tara: http://udisglutenfree.com/products I tried this bread in Oregon last week. It’s the best I’ve had so far. I see they sell it at Harmony Farms in Raleigh. and from friends, we finally tried udi’s gluten free sandwich bread.  Our girls LOVED it.  The only downside is […]

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Happy Tummy Baking Company

Maria from Happy Tummy Baking Company recently donated pizzas to our group.  A group of about 50 Cel-Kids members sampled the pizzas at PlayNation and by the number of ‘seconds’ and ‘thirds’ by the kids, we think they liked the crust. You can purchase the frozen crusts at Whole Foods (Google Maps Link) and Harmony […]

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Cel-Kids Event–Morrisville PlayNation–August 14th

Get ready for the next Raleigh Cel-Kids Event!  Come play at the Morrisville PlayNation (Cel-Kids Google Map for Directions) on August 14th from 3-5pm and also participate in a pizza tasting with Happy Tummy Baking Company (http://www.happytummybaking.com/).  Maria will be on hand to answer questions and let us know where we can purchase Happy Tummy […]

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KinniKritters–Another Animal Cracker Option

From the makes of the popular KinniKinnick flours, KinniKritter gluten free animal cookies provide another option for school lunches, snacks in the car, and a variety of baking options.   We found these cookies two places so far, Whole Foods and Harmony Foods (see Raleigh Cel-Kids Google Map for locations). This brings another brand of […]