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Glutino English Muffins

One thing, as Celiacs, my wife and girls miss are English Muffins.  Those light, airy nooks and crannies sure do hide the butter well, plus you can make some pretty good mini-pizzas with them.  Most of the gf varieties we have tried so far could subsitute for a rock or paperweight for their density.  While […]

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New Snyder’s Pretzel Flavors!

Now that we see many of the major manufacturers making gluten-free versions of plain foods, we are noticing more and more varieties of flavors.  While at a recent Harris Teeter trip, we found newly labeled Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, and then looking closer, new flavors as well.  Exciting to see this–new flavors of Hot Buffalo […]

Gluten Free Dressings

We recent found a large selection of gf salad dressings on a trip to Harris Teeter.  While we reviewed some dressings over there years (click here), we like to continue to find some variety.  Marie’s comes in a variety of flavors, from chunky blue cheese to coleslaw to ranch and caesar, and are found in […]

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Nature’s Path Waffles

We recently reviewed a seemingly newcomer to gluten free foods, Nature’s Path, with their gf granola (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=nature%27s+path).  They also make the Envirokids bars and cereals, so they are not as new as they seem, just making products under the Nature’s Path label now.  While cruising the cooler aisle at Harris Teeter recently, we found a […]

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Gluten Free Goldfish!!!

That’s right…actual gluten free Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Puffs.  Thanks to Margaret on the Facebook group for sending out the heads-up, we immediately went to our Harris Teeter and found three flavors of these puffs: Mega Cheese, Cheddar Bacon, and Buffalo Wings.  Delicious!  While not exactly like the traditional Goldfish, these are still mass produced, shaped […]

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Pik Nik Potato Sticks

I can definitely remember going through can after can of potato sticks growing up as a kid.  Recently, we found Pik-Nik brand potato sticks at Harris Teeter, and sure enough, they now carry a gluten free label.  Looks like these ones are slightly better than the ones I ate growing up, I remember very greasy […]

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Gluten free donuts have been around for awhile, but we never tried them.  That changed recently when Dad was allowed to lead a grocery trip.  The Glutino gluten free glazed were one of the first things into our cart.  So, how were they?  We put them in the freezer until later, but when ready to […]

More Gluten Free Juice

We said it awhile back, but kind of disconcerting when you need to worry if your juice contains gluten or not.  I mean, it’s fruit and water afterall.  But you definitely do need to check carefully, as gluten can be an additive to your juice.  No fears for Lakewood Organic though.  We found this at […]

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Perdue Chicken

Well, we finally found the holy grail of chicken nuggets–Perdue Chicken’s gluten free breaded chicken nuggets.  We found them at the Harris Teeter at Falls of Neuse and Durant. We commented recently about all the many things we have found there gluten free, and now we finally found the chicken nuggets that so many raved […]

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Yo Crunch with Fruity Pebbles–What Could Be Better!

So we know that one of the best kid’s cereals (Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles) come gluten free (click here).  We know that their treat bars (click here) also come gluten free.  All that’s missing are their yogurts, and sure enough, while at our newly remodeled Harris Teeter on Falls of Neuse recently, we found YoCrunch […]

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