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Nathan’s Hot Dogs

For a long time, we could find good gluten free hot dogs for our girls. Good thing, as that’s pretty much all our oldest wants to eat. We like Hebrew National best, but Sabrett, Kunzler, Dietz and Watson (BJs brand), and Applegate all come clearly marked gluten free.  We can add Nathan’s to that list.  Yes, […]

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Camp Seafarer Report

My daughter and I recently spent the weekend at Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC for our Y Princess Spring Outing.  Y Princesses is a YMCA sponsored organization (http://yguides.ymcatriangle.org/) that seeks to build good relationships between dads and daughters and dads and sons.  We participate in a number of activities and meetings with our tribe throughout […]

Sabrett Hot Dogs

Lots of Hot Dogs lately in the reviews.  Good news, as we used to just rely on Hebrew National.  We found a bunch more at BJs recently, including Sabrett.  You may know this brand as one of the more commonly found street vendors, especially in Downtown Raleigh near the museums.  Sabrett represents a true New […]

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Kunzler Hot Dogs

To start a rumor…I think Kunzler hot dogs are what Sheetz uses.  And you can tell from this blog, we love us some Sheetz!  So we found these Kunzler chicken franks on our recent BJs trip.  A third option to gluten free hot dogs, with Hebrew National and Dietz & Watson (BJ’s brand) also in […]

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Dietz & Watson Hot Dogs

Like most kids, our girls LOVE hot dogs.  Thankfully, even with Celiac, they can still eat Hebrew National hotdogs.  While on another BJs trip recently, we found a few more varieties of gluten free hotdogs.  The first, Dietz & Watson, is BJs own brand.  You may remember that Dietz & Watson comes in a variety […]

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Applegate Meats

Awhile back, we found gluten free chicken nuggets from Applegate (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=applegate). While shopping at BJs recently, we found many more Applegate products.  All came clearly marked with a gluten free label, even on the box, as you can see in the image.  From turkey hot dogs, to a variety of lunch meats, to sausages and […]

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Cooking Out This Memorial Day?

Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer approaches!  While we want to share some gluten free items, we also want to briefly reflect on Memorial Day.  Remember why and who we memorialize today.  The US is a great country, we all should be thankful for those who fought for our lifestyles! So many of […]

Harvestland Chicken Sausage and More!

We try to get some protein into our girls whenever possible.  Celiac can sometimes make that difficult, as many regular kids go after chicken nuggets and other things to get their protein.  We do live heavily on soybeans, peanut butter, and chicken.  Glad to have many options, including our girls’ favorite-rotisserie Chicken (we reviewed options […]

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Eat-N-Park-The Place for Smiles!

Ok, so do we have any Northerners reading this blog?  We recently took a trip to Western Pennsylvania, finding many gluten-free items along the way.  As all parents of Celiacs probably learned long ago, when traveling, you really need to plan ahead. You will probably find gluten free items wherever you go, but you need […]

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Gluten Free ‘French Bread’ Pizzas

So you probably have either seen or tried the Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas.  Quick and easy, pop them in the toaster oven, and voila…pizza!  Yeah, one big issue though–lots and lots of gluten. Cue the gf hot dog rolls.  Over at the Gluten Hates Me blog, Marlow reviews how she uses Udi’s hot dog buns […]

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