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Kelloggs’ Fruit Snacks–Finally Gluten Free!

One of the last major companies making fruit snacks finally went gluten free.  We reviewed ingredients in Kellogg’s fruit snacks a lot over the years, and they appeared not to contain gluten, but they never clearly marked the boxes.  Now, as you can see in my crooked picture, they have begun to just do that. […]

More GF Rice Krispies

Found them again!  This time at the Falls of Neuse Kroger.  So we can find them at numerous locations in the Triangle.  Great news!  Interesting to see them right in between two regular cereals, Honey Smacks and Raisin Bran this time.

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Gluten Free Rice Krispies in the Triangle!

We were out at the new Wal*Mart in North Raleigh, near Triangle Town Center (see Raleigh Cel-Kids Map here) and found the gluten free Kellogg’s Rice Krispies!  So excited to finally see them. Of course the girls wanted to try them right away when we got home.  We got our bowls, poured our milk, and […]

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Gluten Free Options from Kelloggs?

Could it be true?  Could one of the largest, if not the largest cereal manufacturers finally be releasing some gluten free options?  Appears true.  I could not find anything about it on Kellogg’s site, but a blog post from Gluten Free Appetite (http://www.glutenfreeappetite.com/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=428&Itemid=54) shows the box.  Unfortunately they did not just reformulate their existing Rice […]

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