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Chex Oatmeal

Up until now, you could find gluten free oatmeal, but just mostly in specialty stores.  Oatmeal, when treated properly, can be gluten free.  Now, however, you can find mainstream gf oatmeal by General Mills.  Packaged under the Chex brand, we found gluten free oatmeal at a variety of stores including Wal*Mart, Target, and Kroger.  Comes […]

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Boulder Canyon Veggie Crisps

You can find so many great gluten free snacks pretty much everywhere these days.  We definitely like trying new ones and found these Boulder Canyon Garden Select Vegetable Crisps recently at Kroger.  Another ‘all natural’ company with a lot of variety. You can see more at their website (http://www.bouldercanyonfoods.com/), but you really can find a […]

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Ok, our girls would probably live on these if we let them. Every time we enter a store like Kroger’s or Sheetz that carry them, the girls just sense where they are and begin asking for them. So funny. Nice though, as we do not need to stress too much about them, they contain some […]

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Gluten Free Manischewitz Cake Mixes

With all the Spring holidays approaching, we focus on just the Celiac part of things, without thoughts to foods that may be Kosher for those celebrating Passover.  While on a recent trip to Kroger, we found a large variety of Kosher gluten free products from Manischewitz.  From gluten free cake mixes to gluten free crackers, […]

Barbara’s Puffins Cereal

Kroger is the bomb these days for finding gluten free products.  We love the Strickland/Falls of Neuse Location (Raleigh Cel-Kids Map).  I have not visited any other Kroger’s to see if they carry the same large number of gf products, but this one definitely is worth a trip.  In the healthy/organic section recently we found […]

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Nathan’s Hot Dogs

For a long time, we could find good gluten free hot dogs for our girls. Good thing, as that’s pretty much all our oldest wants to eat. We like Hebrew National best, but Sabrett, Kunzler, Dietz and Watson (BJs brand), and Applegate all come clearly marked gluten free.  We can add Nathan’s to that list.  Yes, […]

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Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Wow!  Does it get any better than a gluten free ice cream sandwich?  When we start seeing gf novelty items, we really made it!  We picked a four pack of Julie’s Organic /Glutenfreeda ice cream sandwiches at Kroger recently.  We have been wanting to try them for awhile, but never got around to it. They […]

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Found More evol Meals

We did not try any of these, but you can see some of the evol gf meals that Kroger stocks.  And they look GOOD!  Fire Grilled Steak?  MMMMM!  We reviewed evol’s gluten free quesadillas here, but we did not think we would find more of their products stocked in the store.  Not so–so you can […]

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Ian’s Gluten Free Breadcrumbs

Anyone catch that random reference in the caption?  You remember those old Shake-n-Bake commercials?  You know, the little girl with dimples, good-old fashioned in her little dress, ‘It’s Shake-n-bake, and I helped.’  Of course, Celiacs cannot be so cute in helping with dinner, until now, at least.  We recently found large bags of Ian’s gluten […]

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Betty Crocker

If you spend any time on this blog, you now how many things Betty Crocker makes for the gluten-free community.  Just looking at this list: http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=betty+crocker you see all the cake mixes, frostings, and more.  We definitely appreciate their work.  Unfortunately, though, we need to call them out on their all purpose rice flour blend.  It takes […]

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