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Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce

Up until this point, we used La Choy soy sauce, as Kikkoman did not come gluten free.  Now, though, we found a gluten free variety of Kikkoman.  Or more exactly, my mother-in-law (hi, Sue!) found it and served it to us at a recent dinner at their house.  Great news, as I prefer Kikkoman to […]

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Found More evol Meals

We did not try any of these, but you can see some of the evol gf meals that Kroger stocks.  And they look GOOD!  Fire Grilled Steak?  MMMMM!  We reviewed evol’s gluten free quesadillas here, but we did not think we would find more of their products stocked in the store.  Not so–so you can […]

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Ian’s Gluten Free Breadcrumbs

Anyone catch that random reference in the caption?  You remember those old Shake-n-Bake commercials?  You know, the little girl with dimples, good-old fashioned in her little dress, ‘It’s Shake-n-bake, and I helped.’  Of course, Celiacs cannot be so cute in helping with dinner, until now, at least.  We recently found large bags of Ian’s gluten […]

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Perdue Simply Smart GF Strips

Perdue has done a nice job coming out with options for gluten-free lifestyles.  We find many of their products (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=perdue) gluten-free.  From their marinated chicken we find at BJs to their breaded chicken strips we found at Harris Teeter.  While at Kroger recently, we found their breaded breast tenders in new packaging.  You can actually […]

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Robert Rothschild Dip

It doesn’t get any better than the holidays for a bunch of snacks.  We are currently up in Pennsylvania, visiting family, and still amazed at how many gluten free snacks you can find pretty much everywhere.  For hors d’oeuvres, before dinner last night my mother put out pumpkin pie dip from Roberth Rothschild Farm and […]

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Target Branded GF Products (Pasta)

Maybe picking up a trick from Kroger’s playbook (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=3075), it seems like we will begin seeing gluten free products from Simply Balanced, Target’s upscale store brand.  We recently found a variety of national brands of gluten free pasta, and even Target’s brand.  We picked up the fusilli, but they also sold the regular spaghetti.  Another […]

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Perdue Chicken

Spring, at least by the calendar, has sprung in Raleigh.  So we’re in a cold snap right now, but soon it will warm up to get us all in the mood to grill more.  We found the ideal grilling partner recently at Kroger–individually wrapped and marinaded chicken breasts.  We bought a pack, and the only […]

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Sam Mills Corn Pasta

Another day, another pasta.  We recently found Sam Mills Corn Pasta d’oro while shopping at Kroger recently.  This European company (http://www.sammills.eu/sammillsusa-en.html) produces a variety of pastas, gluten-free oils, and gluten-free pasta sauces.  They make a variety of products out of corn, the majority not gluten free, and produce corn for beer and livestock across the […]

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Sauces for Celiac Parrotheads

Ok, maybe a few too many Jimmy references, but we found a line of sauces at Target recently.  Margaritaville sauces, available in original bbq and Sweet and Spice BBQ both come gluten free.  Definitely try some this summer for your barbecues!

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So we’re cruising the aisles of BJs recently, and we found this huge display of rice.  Sure enough, on the container, you see gluten free.  Another one, like the juice, that you assume to be gluten free, but good for BJs for putting it on the label. We do a lot with rice…pair it with […]

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