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Annie’s Snack Kits

You gotta love quick snacks and lunchbox fillers.  Well, we sure do!  We found another good one on a recent trip to Target.  Annie’s has been a gluten free staple for years with their mac and cheese, cookies, and other things.  Now, we found snack kits.  Inside each kit, you’ll find a gf trail mix, […]

Gluten Free Yehuda Matzo Crackers

Always interesting to think of Celiacs of certain religions and nationalities.  I always wonder about things like Irish at St. Patrick’s Day, and other things, but especially Jewish Celiacs.  While shopping at Wal*Mart recently, we found these gf matzo ‘style’ crackers.  Pretty interesting.  Of course it clearly states ‘not a replacement for matzo at the […]

Tyson GF Breaded Chicken Strips

More and more national brands are joining the gluten-free movement.  We have reviewed a lot of new breaded chicken, including Perdue and Bell & Evans (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?s=chicken).  On a recent trip to Giant Eagle (grocery store chain in Western Pennsylvania) we found Tyson now joining the club, offering gluten free breaded chicken strips.  We have yet […]

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Happy Gluten Free Halloween!

We are now rapidly entering that time of year when you cannot go anywhere without seeing seasonally related candy, snacks, and other food.  Tonight our Celiac children will go out into the night and return with mounds and mounds (and, hey, even Mounds or Almond Joy) of candy.  Hopefully you, like us, implement the ‘no […]

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How Do Schools Handle Celiac?

It’s the start (for Traditional, Year Round has about a month or more in already) of school across the Triangle.  Homework, tests, and school lunches will begin.  With that, a parent of Celiac’s fear of prepared lunches at school.  Even if your school, whether public or private, provides gluten free options, what about cross contamination? […]

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New FDA Guidlines

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Yes, finally the Food and Drug Administration decided on how companies will need to label foods to qualify as gluten-free foods.  The big news that goes along with that is the attached clip from NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams.  You know Celiac […]

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Kelloggs’ Fruit Snacks–Finally Gluten Free!

One of the last major companies making fruit snacks finally went gluten free.  We reviewed ingredients in Kellogg’s fruit snacks a lot over the years, and they appeared not to contain gluten, but they never clearly marked the boxes.  Now, as you can see in my crooked picture, they have begun to just do that. […]


Today’s post comes more as a Public Service Announcement reminding us that while gluten free labeling, news, and awareness has come a long way, we still need to show caution going forward.  Way back in 2009 (do you believe this blog has been around that long–I cannot!), we posted the good news about all the […]

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Letters to Teachers

Especially with younger students, food can exist as not only nourishment in school, but as part of the lesson plan.  Think of the early elementary days of counting (fruit loops), artwork (macaroni pasta), and of course, Plah-Doh.  All of which could contain gluten.  Most parents, including ourselves, would be more than willing to send in […]

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School Lunches

Imagine…just for a second… Sending your Celiac child(ren) to school without packing their lunch the night before. Also imagine… Not worrying about cross contamination or your child ‘trading lunches.’ Fortunately, some schools across the country DO set trends in offering gluten free lunches.  Unfortunately, the two listed for North Carolina are not in the Triangle […]

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