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Year 2 At Camp Seafarer

Got back yesterday after a weekend with my daughter at Camp Seafarer for the YMCA Y Princesses Spring Outing.  This was the second year attending with my oldest daughter.  Next week, I get to go back down there with my youngest for her first year.  Even with the lack of sleep, we still had a […]

Found More evol Meals

We did not try any of these, but you can see some of the evol gf meals that Kroger stocks.  And they look GOOD!  Fire Grilled Steak?  MMMMM!  We reviewed evol’s gluten free quesadillas here, but we did not think we would find more of their products stocked in the store.  Not so–so you can […]

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Trader Joe Corn Penne

I am just amazed at how many gluten free pastas you can now find.  From going to a few brands which pretty much fell apart in water to the national brands selling a good texture pasta, we’ve come a long way.  You can pretty much find gluten free pasta anywhere you go now.  Recently at […]

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Mueller’s GF Pasta

I guess it was just a matter of time–more like a matter of days–until we found the only other national pasta brand selling gluten free pasta.  We recently found Mueller’s GF corn and rice pasta in penne, fusilli, and spaghetti on a recent trip to Harris Teeter.  That rounds out all the big players, and […]

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Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta

So here goes another big, national brand of pasta making a gluten free version, or versions, since Ronzoni makes both penne and spaghetti gluten free versions.  This is a little different, as we see it made with a mix of brown rice, corn, and quinoa flours.  We have not tried it yet, but did pick […]

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Target Branded GF Products (Pasta)

Maybe picking up a trick from Kroger’s playbook (http://www.raleighcelkids.com/?p=3075), it seems like we will begin seeing gluten free products from Simply Balanced, Target’s upscale store brand.  We recently found a variety of national brands of gluten free pasta, and even Target’s brand.  We picked up the fusilli, but they also sold the regular spaghetti.  Another […]

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Barilla Gluten Free Pasta

We first gained wind of a major manufacturer making gf pasta at the checkout line of Harris Teeter.  After checking out in the self-checkout, we got a coupon printed out for Barilla Gluten Free pasta.  I looked twice, but sure enough, Barilla, large nationwide maker of regular pasta was trying a gluten free pasta.  When […]

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Annie’s Individual Mac and Cheese

How great to see gluten free go convenient. While we have been regular consumers of Annie’s mac and cheese for years, we recently found these individual servings at Kroger.  Just like the Kraft gluten versions, a single serving that you can microwave.  I take the regular in my lunch all the time, add some tuna […]

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Gluten Free Duck Pasta

Wal*Mart continues to be a good place for a variety of different gf products.  We recently found SamMills (maker of GF granola and corn pasta here) Duck Pasta.  It comes in a bag that a typical family could get two servings out of.  The pasta itself is the usual corn taste, pretty mild, good with […]

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Glutino Pasta

Found some revamped Glutino pasta recently at Wal*Mart.  We never saw these boxed types of penne and rotini.  Pretty nice to see and to be able to pick up a box or two when needed.  Glutino seems to be revamping their product lines, with new logos and varieties of products.  Plus, pretty nice just going […]

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